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Anti Mass

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With Anti Mass we sought to continue our exploration of ideas of music parties based on something other than 'the Mass' - seeking avenues of collective action and hard work over the typical 'Rave' strategy that has been commonly employed for over a decade. Anti Mass means everyone there knows why they are there: there's no room for spectators or heads that only counts towards paying a bill. Billed twice as the pre-party to rocking blowout Schizophrenia, Anti Mass explored undercurrents of the developing USA broken beat breakcore underground.
December 2007
Anti Mass #1 featured performances from Slut Machine, c64, Statas, Atsiluth, Deadlines, Jstat, Split Horizon, and Selector Catalogue.
August 2008
Organized by Selector Catalogue as the pre-party to Schizophrenia 3, Anti Mass 2 featured Cdatakill, Amphetamine Virus, Realicide, Traits, Baseck, Jstat, Deadlines, and Stagediver.