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Crandenominational Food Riot

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For 3 years in a row we held an experimental holiday event playfully titled 'Crandemoninational Food Riot and Gift Giving Ceremony.' The event was conceived as an intimate event between our closest friends, combining aspects of the 'constructed situation' with a very inter-personal experience. Each event brought different ideas to the table, but a basic structure guided all three. We chose a talisman to represent each attendee, and the event began with a 'finding out' where each participant would either discover which talisman represented them or choose one for themselves. As with all aspects of these events certain rules governed how things proceeded, with, for instance, one year the 'finding out' being enacted as a game of questions while another year the participants choices determining who they ended up seated next to. Each talisman also had an accompanying text, which was normally read aloud before the subsequent feast. We always cooked delicious recipes beforehand and then scripted certain jobs to certain participants, requiring them to cooperate in the course of a successful evening for all. After the conclusion of the feast, candles were lit around the space and the Gift Giving Ceremony commenced. We experimented here as well with various mechanisms of interaction. One year the gift exchange, who gives which gift to who, was randomly assigned through a game. Another year the choices made at the beginning of the evening, in choosing talismans, determined how gifts were exchanged. In all cases we supplied texts at key moments of the interaction, describing the ideas behind the experience. The driving goal of these events was to reinforce the concept of diverse aspects being a necessary part of a powerful community, and the essential need for intimate experience together.
December, 2004
December, 2005
December, 2006