A multi-variated exploration of space, music, art, and ideas.
Wow, what to say. We ran this space for 5 and a half years, went through many phases and worked through many different ideas and dynamics. From transformed space to actually building up the space, cooking, breaking down a brick wall to let some light in, throwing crazy dance shows, inviting artists to display their art, sharing the space as a resource with our community of friends, silk screening - the list goes on and on and on. We literally pushed this space in every direction we could conceive of, and we met so many people and made so many friends that words can scarcely do it justice. The one underlying thread in all of it was a shared exploration of space, art, music, and ideas - a collective effort to think critically about how space is used, what the function of creative practice can be, and how this integrates with the practice of living. The From the Gut space is a collective foundation to our ideas, and something that we will carry forward with us for our lives.