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Is Detroit the New Che?

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In response to ridiculous fliers found around the city asking "Is Detroit the New Berlin?" we responded with a Bar-B-Que asking if Detroit was really not the new Berlin, but rather the new Che Guevara. What might seem to be a joke is often, upon closer examination, a precise critique of the situation at hand. Either way, we've dealt with the presumed onslaught of loft style apartment swinging yuppies by dragging the sound system outside and dancing in the streets. One of our most liberating events, we take music outside the constructed and stale club and bar environments and have a damn fine afternoon.
Is Detroit the New Che
May 2009
Along with participation from Realicide, the Void crew held it down with hours of sonic listening.
Is Detroit the New Che Part 2
August 2009
With a ton of great folks in town for parties this weekend, we rounded it out with a great time and great music outdoors once again. Sets from CDataKill, Slut Machine, Fishead made for a great day, and a killer dance set from Jstat to us into the night.
Is Detroit Still the New Che?