A multi-variated exploration of space, music, art, and ideas.


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Once a home for school supplies, the Roosevelt warehouse has sat unused by the city of Detroit for 20 years. Though a fire destroyed a portion of the building only minimal amounts of the inventory were affected. Left standing and stocked for insurance purposes, it continues to grow into a new persona. This isolated concrete structure has been transformed into a living organism by the juxtaposition of decay and new vegetation.
Juxtaposition began as a writing exercise; a desire to challenge myself and my peers. All of the poems in this book were written on the roof of the Roosevelt warehouse with the intention of performing them in the same space. The morning the reading it became clear this was the beginning of a deeper meaning. Each window within reach was boarded. All possible entrances had been sealed. The steps still exposed became our platform. Two stories were told; plywood props as the backdrop.