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Opposition Party

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For 3 years the Opposition Party brought breakcore and hard broken beats to Detroit during the DEMF techno fest. Not opposed to the festival itself per se, after all we always remained aware of the energy of the entire weekend in the city, From the Gut's Opposition Party pushed the Detroit scene to see things differently and expand their view of what electronic music is, who it includes, and what it could be. In essence, we've always pushed for the ideas that founded the DEMF many years ago and inspired so many of us at that time... and now have been a bit forgotten.
May 2006
We'll always remember Opposition Party 1 as one of the largest explosions of the hard breaks underground in michigan, where the scene really came together and accomplished something amazing. It was, in fact, a 4 day event centering around two main parties . The cult of divine audio hosted a pre-party and then the next day we featured c64, belladonna killz, matt demmon, selector catalogue, and cutups for a great dance night. Then things got more hard core for 'We will eat you' the next night with Baseck, Xanopticon, Prometheus Burning, Blaerg, Red Rot, and others. Reject Records held down the final night, making this a weekend to be remembered. To be able to bring so many musicians together and explore a diversity of experimental electronic dance music was really a special moment in our shared history.
May 2007
This year the From the Gut / Void crew teamed up to bring R-Type and Diskore to the city for a rocking dance and experimental party. Combining extreme sounds with rocking techno we kept it real, exposed some heads, and continued to build out critical engagement with the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.
May 2008
Breakin' the prison in 2008 the Opposition Party entered it's 3rd year of bringing breakcore and hard broken beats to Detroit during the DEMF techno fest.. Teaming up with the Massive Support party the night before, and a pre-party thrown by Traits the night before that, we once again rocked the festival with new, unheard sounds. This years Opposition Party featured Baseck, Hecate, Prometheus Burning, and Statas, and resulted in a city wide ransack that didn't let up until late the next day. Now that's Breaking the Prison!!!!!