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Remerge was a series of experimental parties, sometimes well structured sometimes loosely pulled together, that sought to bring more cohesion to the local hard electronics / broken beat scene in Southeastern Michigan and more specifically the Detroit area. We sought to include performers from the noise, breakcore, and hard broken beat lineages in a context more akin to a community hang out than a formalized 'event' format. The result was sometimes symbiotic and sometimes psychotic, but the experiment was well worth it as far flung fragments were brought into closer proximity for future collaborations. Re - merge : a coming back together.
February 2006
This party featured Matt Demmon of Eupholos Records representing for analog synths and drum machines, Selector Catalogue coming in from the breakcore camp, God and His Bitches playing as a sludge rock band, Split Horizon representing From the Gut with his first Detroit live set, as well as Greh Holger and Charlie Draheim hailing from the Michigan noise scene. Suffice it to say that the night turned out to be quite lively. As this was the first crossover for some time of the various hard electronic camp the related, yet various strains of must were not easily consumed by nearly anyone attending. However we dubbed it a success since this was the purpose of Remerge - to get past barriers and definations about music and get a sense of the underlying connections that arise from the heritage of industrial music.
Remerge 2
April 2006
As a leadup to our first Opposition Party weekend Remerge 2 called again on the local scene to release some pressure.
Total Fragmentation Hangout
July 2006
A total blast, one of our top best times at FTG just with the local scene playing, and a total wild freakout during the Split Horizon set. Featuring Metal Babble, Little Mack, Blaerg, Phallus Uber Alles, Dj Deadlines, System of Adon, Phallus Uber Alles, Mikey, and Split Horizon.
Remerge 4
August 2006
Off this hook from Metria at this foray into crossover community, as well as a farewell set from Selector Catalogue and a brutal wall of noise from Black Sand Desert. Life Towards Twilight, Metal Babble, Little Mack and Deadlines filled it out and Split Horizon held down the rear guard. The classic remerge experience as the special community of electronic musicians we have here in Michigan really came into focus.
Fragementation Awarness Cookout
August 2007
The first time we dragged soundsystem outside - running the power out the window of our warehouse space into the alleyway nearby on a virtually deserted Eastern Market Sunday. We cooked, listened, and performed for the afternoon and also enjoyed a special appearance from 666 Ganstaz. Take your space and own it - use it.