A multi-variated exploration of space, music, art, and ideas.

These Are The Shores That Wake

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Our first event as From the Gut, we covered the walls, floor, and furniture of our first space with black plastic, blocked out all external light, and created an hour and a half of music to accompany the transformed space and sculpted lighting. In our invitations we told no-one what to expect - some expected an art show, some a party - but when they arrived they faced was a dark room illuminated only by yellow lighting. Then as the sound of radio static slowly gave away to grinding beats and drones, we shut the door and ever so slowing dimmed the lights until all attendees were plunged into pitch darkness. Interrupted only by brief flashes of the light, the audience listed to our specially composed live set in complete darkness.

We created this experience as an exploration of the effect of extreme environment and sound on psychology and emotional experience. Almost a month in the making, the visual aspects of the event are archived here while the live audio is available in abbreviated form on our Void imprint.