A multi-variated exploration of space, music, art, and ideas.

Vestibule Art Shows

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At From the Gut, when we had our warehouse space, there was a small entry way. We were inspired by other non-commercial spaces around town to build large, hinged walls enabling us to close off this area from the rest of the space and utilize it for small, focused, one night art shows. What followed was a series of interesting and highly intelligent shows showcased several different perspectives and approaches in our community.
Paul Biundo
February 29, 2004
29 Drawings by Paul Biundo, our first Vestibule show.
Eat Me
March 5, 2004
Artist statement for Heather Campbell

Since the early 1990s, my work has involved the creation of conceptually based sociopolitical objects and cookies. In 1992 I began making tasty cookies by hand onto objects. Hand made cookies has now become a very prominent feature in my work and I continue to use the same cookie dough and frosting (vanilla) that I used in 1992. (See skunk in ginger cookie with white detail, a piece based on the metaphysical ramifications of a skunk.) I have in my past created cookies similar to these once before with my friends.
I usually work on several cookies concurrently. I also create site specific temporary installations of cookies for indoor sites (I have in the past created temporary outdoor site specific work as well). I often rework a site specific installation into a self contained format that will enable the piece to be shown in a non site specific installation format/ environment.
An artist's statement is a short piece written by the artist to accompany a particular painting or group of paintings. An artist's statement shouldn't be dismissed as insignificant or dashed out in a hurry as it's a vital selling tool, promoting and explaining your work to people looking at your paintings, whether they're potential buyers, exhibition curators, critics, fellow artists, or casual browsers.
Typically, pricing of an artists work is based on the price of materials + the cost of the estimated time to create a piece of work (a living wage). It is then necessary to evaluate this price based on several factors not limited to but including the desirablitiy of the work. Artists often then double this to account for the money the gallery takes from their earnings (often at least half.) Assholes tack on even more money, if they feel like it.
All prices listed are sliding scale.
Stencils by Eric Ruin
March 26, 2004
Eric Ruin's series of stencils detailing the difficulties of the Palestinian people.
Stiches Stories
May 2005
Bec Young's vestibule show combined skilled, unique hand made clothing with socio-political commentary about Central America. A very unique and high quality offering.
Jhon Clark
August 2005
At the 6th Vestibule show Jhon Clark told tales of his recent trip to Hawaii, shared perspectives on a life of radical adventure, and provided us with photographic glimpses of his journeys.