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great review

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

A nice review of Efforts from Scott Blaerg.

Your style in this booklet is not what I expected but it’s really tremendous. [..] as a move, it’s as bold as it is vulnerable.

lessons in wordpress

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

After running into some frustrations while developing Drew’s WordPress blog, I worked out a couple of customizations that may be helpful.

Changing the default size of “full-size” images

Drew wanted to upload several different image sizes to his site, but found that even when he selected Full Size in the flash image uploader, the image defaulted to a width of 500px. It took some digging but I found some solutions. It’s set up this way to keep people from uploading huge images breaking their page layout. This only works if you are using a theme similar to the default WordPress theme which has a main column width of 500px. I followed their advice and set a global max column width in the functions.php file in my themes directory, like this:

$GLOBALS['content_width'] = 961;

Flickr Badge with Lightbox

I also had a heck of a time figuring out how to add a Flickr “badge” to a page’s sidebar and have the images appear lightboxed on the same page when clicked instead of going to a Flickr page. I tried a few pre-built plugins for this but couldn’t get them to work.To get it working, I installed the flickr RSS plugin and the Lightbox 2 plugin.Then to get the flickrRSS plugin to use the lightbox I had to add the rel=lightbox attribute to the flickrRSS.php file in the plugins directory. On lines 106 – 109 it looks like this:

print $before_image . "< a href="$fullimgurl" title="$title" 
rel="lightbox">$title" . $after_image; } else {
# grab image direct from flickr
print $before_image . "< a href="$fullimgurl" title="$title"
rel="lightbox">$title" . $after_image;