friday jan 11th: $5

syphilis sauna - backwards records, seattle +
Organizer of HARSH in Seattle and complete industrial noise breakcore nut with good clothing style. Patrick Urn's first trip to Detroit..

amphetamine virus - seattle +
far out crunked out industrial jungle

in the age of terminal static - seattle +
if dumpsters could talk....slightly rotten organic electronic

redrot - void, chondritic sound, live michigan industrial +
Shit completely rules.. One of the darkest people I've ever met bringing you some the rockin beats. redrot

atsiluth cult of divine audio - live pa detroit +
Local industrial giant. Believe it.

selector catalogue reject, +
back on the scene in michigan, our very own proprietor of reject records. true soulful breakcore without the nonsense.

deadlines dj set - detroit +
Has the best records of any dj in detroit, hands down.

1551 winder #208, eastern market, detroit, mi
this event is byob.