Delien is a walk in a park. The rabid succession of distorted rhythm, an event in which changes are dictated by the coming forth of the psyche. It is a symbol that represents an abstract entity and only? through this symbology can the process of the greater unconscious working be gleamed.

In the Detroit winter two men bound by fate and fueled by synthetic, manipulate the waveform symbols using the technology of electric noise.

The limit is set as the sequence approaches infinity, and what that limit is, neither man 'knows' but instead perceives with a different order of sensory. As the sequence unfolds the boundaries are realized to exist and those boundaries are dictated by the limitations of the men's conscious perception.

Any bounded sequence converges to a limit, here, 2 becomes 1, is contained in 1. Change echoes change, frequencies add and subtract in a quanta. Rush of energy radiates out of the mechanical, binary master and in, and through, and in, and through, and in... What influences a man to do the work that needs doing? What influences the sun to rise and fall, rise and...

Meaning and Purpose are dissected in the laboratory of creation. Technology of creation dictates the process, process dictates the result, result dictates technology. In this mandala coalesce physical and spiritual, multiplicity and emptiness. The entity hives and is not bound to change in a linear relationship.