One night ONLY: transformed space, art, sculpture, and sound. Detroit based creative collective From the Gut presents ‘Saturation’, a Full Scale Transformed Space in Greenpointe, Brooklyn. Bridging sculpture, flatwork, technology and situational ambience, ‘Saturation’ celebrates the Summer Solstice through the theme of Energy Collectors. Bridging concepts of space, art, sound, and ideas worked heavily in Detroit for nearly a decade, From the Gut now debuts in New York City. Existing somewhere between formal and renegade space, this free event brings together Detroit artists David Cole, Gwen McKay, Paul Biundo and Mike Reid with New York City designer Thiago deMello Bueno and From the Gut founders Heather Campbell and Matthew Shultz, now both currently residing in the San Francisco Bay. Creating metaphorical Energy Collectors at the onset of the year’s warmest months, ‘Saturation’ links the Summer Solstice with a celebration of our region’s peak energy absorption season. We exalt, and incorporate, energy gathering structures in a full scale transformed space of sculpture, art, DIY technology, sound, and ideas.

Last Time

Threshold Experience

Bringing our concepts of transformed space back to the forefront of From the Gut's activites, Threshold Experience combined our Void Soundsystem project with large, worked art installations in the basement of Izzy's Raw Art Gallery in Detroit. The curator at Izzy's was kind enough to allow us access to the space for a month in advance, in which time 9 From the Gut artists contributed individual and collaborative works to the space. Amoung these were 2 large scale sculptures constructed from tree branches and other found, natural materials, 3 light sculptures similarly constructed, a luminous backlit wall with organic shadow art, and overall ambiance along with smaller original works. Contributing artists included Paul Biundo, who spearheaded the event, Gwen McKay, John Leonard, Kristine Taylor, Alicia Biundo, Dave Cole, Mike Ried, Matthew Shultz, and Studio Mike.More info

Deep Core

Culminating 7 years of hard work, Void Tactical Media presents a night of Full Scale Transformed Space and bass heavy dancing. Converging staunch allies from California, Pennsylvania, Ohio and more, we will once again be altering the interior of the Trumbullplex theatre with sound and sculpture. Dimentia, Split Horizon, Vasculator, and Fluxion promise to rock the dance floor, while Realicide and Evolve bring strong social critique and Cry of the Peacocks launches the party with exploratory sounds. A supporting cast of projections from Dimentia and Realicide Youth Records rounds out the night for full media experience grounded in the deep core of collaboration, critical engagement with technology, and alternative formations. More info

From the Gut

From the Gut is a multi-variate exploration of space, music, art, and ideas. Formally begun in January of 2002, From the Gut has put forth a wide variety of events and tactical media. A better statement of our core ideas will soon be available, for now check out the archive.