fromthegut community label

A label designed to provide catalog numbers to the releases of artists involved with (directly or in periphery to) FromTheGut. Work must be submitted and accepted prior to production. The artist is in control of / responsible for all cost, format decisions, run quanity etc. FromTheGut gives it a catalog number and distros through

FTG0011 Gwen McKay - Saturation Poetry with hand made paper screened cover  
FTG0010 Delien - Delien Live
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FTG009 Metal Babble - Unwanted, Discarded 3" cdr  
FTG008 Metria - Leaving the Burning Building 5" cdr  
FTG007 Xrin Arms - Historic Clouds 5" cdr  
FTG006 Bramble - Dynamism 5" cd  

J-STAT - Phantom Power

3" cdr  
FTG004 Heather Campbell - efforts: drawings 11 page zine with hand drawn covers  
FTG003 Selector Catalogue - The Slave Rage System 5" cdr  

BLÆRG - sesquipedalia

5" cd

FTG001 V/A - compilation for opposition party 1.0, may 2006 5" cdr